These Luxe North Pole Pods Will Give You Unobstructed Views of the Northern Lights

published Sep 30, 2019
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Expect the future of upscale lodgings to head due north. Travel agency Luxury Action has plans to construct a hotel comprised of portable heated pods at the North Pole.

Dubbed the North Pole Igloos, the company says the arctic complex will be “the northernmost hotel in the world.” The conceptual insulated domes have glass walls and ceilings, allowing occupants to have unobstructed views of the Northern Lights. 

Undoubtedly, the North Pole is a beautiful, far-flung landscape that lies outside the traditional popular travel destinations but Luxury Action has already put in plans in motion to make sure guests are comfortably accommodated during their stay in the region, which experiences some of the harshest weather conditions on the planet. 

To ensure that the hotel can withstand the brutally cold temperatures, Luxury Action founder and CEO Janne Honkanen explains that the igloos have been tested in the extreme arctic weather conditions. Additionally, the domes are heated and come with individual toilets and glass ceilings that enable guests to enjoy the ultimate Northern Lights viewing experience. The igloo stay also includes an arctic wilderness guide, chef services, security and a camp manager. 

In order to ensure guests’ maximum safety, the North Pole season for the Igloo Hotel is limited to April, but the complex is both sustainable and movable, which means it can be transported to Svalbard, a glacier between the North Pole and Norway that serves as an alternate location for the rest of the year. 

North Pole Igloos isn’t Honkanen’s first foray into the arctic hotel industry. In fact, a previous endeavor inspired him to create the latest extreme north hotel.

“Since I opened Octola in December 2018, which is the most exclusive five star lodge and private wilderness in Arctic regions, many of my guests been asking more and more about the state of arctic nature,” Honkanen tells Apartment Therapy.  “I thought that this is the time and the opportunity to give a chance for my guests to experience the North Pole with arctic explorers and scientists in a safe way.” 

For travelers interested in venturing to the far northern tundra for what sounds like an unparalleled experience, visit the North Pole Igloos site for availability and rates.