Northwest #33: Supriya and Sidd's Splash of Color

Northwest #33: Supriya and Sidd's Splash of Color

Oct 17, 2008

Name: Supriya & Sidd
Location: San Francisco
Type of Home: Rented 1 Bedroom Apartment
What inspired you to use color? While it is true that colors inspire our moods, in our case it is equally true that our moods inspire the colors. The same color feels sad or happy depending on how we're feeling. This is our starter home and our first attempt at decorating, but money was tight when we first moved here. Our wallets pretty much dictated the furniture we bought. We do not have permission to paint the walls either, so accessories were the only thing we could use to splash color...

...It's also true that we played it safe more often than not because in our minds we lack the experience to make a bold design or color call. But we learn something new each day, and our home is evolving even now and we constantly keep changing something so that it feels different all the time. I don't think we'll ever reach a stage when our home will be completely done. For us, it will always be a work in progress. And that gives us something to look forward to!

Color Tip: More often than not, my husband and my tastes are diametrically opposite. And we are equally likely to change our minds the next day and start hating what we liked earlier. We like to keep changing the way our home looks fairly often. Given this, the cheaper and simpler way to decorate is to change the accessories and accent pieces in the home. If you get tired of something, don't get rid of it yet. Keept it. You might be in the mood to bring it out again a few months later. Oh and yes, white is a color. In fact it is supposed to be the color that encompasses the entire rainbow!

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