Northwest #4: Brittanykate's Oregon Collection Display

Northwest #4: Brittanykate's Oregon Collection Display

Jan 25, 2008

Name: brittanykate
Location: Portland
Time: 2-3 hours
Cost: About $15-20 for plate hangers and about $15 for each shelf


Tell us the tools and resources you used for the project:

  • The 24" white shelves are from Target
  • I used screws with anchors to hang them
  • For the plates, I used plate hangers from Michael's


    Share step-by-step instructions for how you completed the project:

  • After clearing all the crap off the dining room table, I used the space to set the plates out in a freeform arrangement. Actually, I didn't do much rearranging; I just threw them out and it seemed to be an ok grouping
  • I put a nail in the wall, guessing where I wanted to hang one of the plates in the approximate middle of the bunch. I stretched the wily little plate hanger around the plate and hung it on the nail. One by one, I installed each plate the same way, working my way out from the first plate. The small plates with perforated edges were easier to hang with ribbon, so I threaded it through their decorative holes, tied it in knots, and hung them on nails. When I finished, I straightened all the plates so the imagery is upright. I actually have two more tiny plates, but need to find some of those adhesive hangers, because I can't find wire hangers small enough


  • For the first shelf, I held it up where I wanted it and made it level-ish by putting a round pencil on top and making sure it didn't roll (it was cold out and I didn't want to go to the garage for a level)
  • I marked spots on the wall for drill holes, then drilled them large enough for plastic anchors
  • I hammered in the anchors, then screwed in the screws, leaving enough sticking out so I could hang the shelf on them
  • I repeated this process with the second shelf, making sure to hang it the same distance from the doorway, and pausing to curse because I smashed an anchor. I finished in the morning because I, once again, didn't want to go to the garage in the cold dark

    The best part is that now I have a changeable display. I can add plates as I collect them, and I can rotate memorabilia on the shelves.

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