Northwest #5: Designerdi's Necklace Nook

Northwest #5: Designerdi's Necklace Nook

Jan 28, 2008

Name: designerdi
Location: Corte Madera
Time: 2 hours
Cost: Less than $10


Tell us the tools and resources you used for the project:

  • 1. I used one piece of wood, cut 1/8" smaller all around than the inside of the door. My friend Mike had a piece of laminate laying around in his garage so I used that. You could use any piece of wood or laminate that is sturdy and fits your space.
  • 2. Black felt - because it shows off jewelry nicely
  • 3. White hooks with a rubberized finish so that the jewelry has a soft landing spot
  • 4. A staple gun to attach the fabric to the board
  • 5. Heavy duty velcro, to attach the board to the inside of the door
  • 6. Scissors to cut the fabric
  • 7. Measuring tape to measure the fabric and velcro placement


    Share step-by-step instructions for how you completed the project:
    This project is so easy (I even had a glass of wine first!), and pretty self-explanatory. Even so, here are the instructions:

  • 1. Measure the inside of the door that you are going to turn from wasted space to fabulous hanging space.
  • 2. Cut your board to fit snugly into the space when covered with fabric - 1/8" less all around than the
    size of the space
  • 3. Cut your fabric to fit the board - 2" longer all around than the board
  • 4. Lay your board on top of the wrong side of the fabric
  • 5. Secure the fabric to the board all the way around with the staple gun


  • 6. Flip your now-covered board over and screw in your hooks. You will want to measure the items you're hanging so that you place your hooks properly. I had some 18" necklaces I wanted to hang so I placed the hooks 20" apart from each other length-wise and 2 1/2" apart from each other width-wise
  • 7. Flip your board back over and apply one side of the velcro
  • 8. Go to your door and place the other side of the velcro in the same pattern - you want the pattern on
    your board and the pattern on the door to match up.
  • 9. Take your board and press it into the door.
  • 10. Hang your items.

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