Northwest Fall Cure: Clearing the Path

Northwest Fall Cure: Clearing the Path

jamiemcquary mopped her floors over the weekend.

• Cure Clock: 7 Weeks Remaining
• Assignment: Read pp. 70-99, clean and declutter the kitchen, cook
• Flickr Pool: Northwest Fall Cure Pool

Week One is in the bag, and we've been galvanized by our clean floors, fresh flowers, new perspective from an unused part of our home and the space cleared by putting one item outside.

We're also starting to get a feel for how much time, energy and follow-through we'll need to get through the next seven weeks. This will be different for each one of us, and now is a good time to adjust our goals to make sure we accomplish what we set out to do.

Don't be afraid to take on more or less — for example, focusing on the Deep Treatment alone instead of adding the One Room Remedy, especially if this is your first Cure, or choosing a smaller room to focus on. Be ambitious — after all, your home deserves it — but be realistic as well.

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    aquarabbit got a new bed from West Elm, and paper liners for her new dresser. Looks great!

    Weekly Assignment (Deep Treatment): This week is Kitchen Week for those of you who, like us, find it helpful to think of each week of the Cure as the room it focuses on. Give yourself lots of time to clean the kitchen; it may be helpful to spread the task out over multiple days, rather than saving it for the weekend.

  • Fix one thing in your apartment yourself (use your Repair Worksheet from last week!).
  • Deep clean your kitchen and throw away old food.
  • Buy a water filter and use it.
  • Run your hands over every wall in your apartment.
  • Clear space for an Outbox.
  • Clear one surface and use the Outbox.
  • Buy fresh flowers.
  • Determine your style.
  • Find a new recipe and cook one meal at home.
  • Choose the date for your housewarming.

    Weekly Assignment (One-Room Workout): It's all about the floor plan this week! When measuring your room(s), remember that while accuracy is generally a good thing, don't get too obsessed. In fact, we've seen plenty an excellent floor plan done completely freehand and by sight.

  • Decide what activities you want in your room and where they will go.
  • Buy, borrow or make a floor plan tool.
  • Map out the room that bothers you most and work out your solution.
  • Name your vision.
  • Build a Shopping List.

    We're totally jealous of kittyireland's "bona fide yoga area."

    Discussions & Useful Links:

  • Wig3000 is looking for bathroom accessories with a natural wood finish. Suggestions?
  • aquarabbit asks for advice on Curing without a significant other.
  • AT:LA has a post on how to refill a disposable Brita filter.
  • Mydeco has our favorite, least-cheesy online style quiz.
  • AT:SF shows you how to make a floor plan, which also includes a great roundup of floor plan-related posts on AT.
  • Also check out this pocket-sized floor plan on AT: Chicago.
  • kaperick posted the worksheets for anyone who needs them to download.

    BlueFem44 and fjorlief have already started beautiful style trays.

    Welcome to our newest Northwest Fall Cure participants (we're up to 74 people!):




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