Are You Brave Enough to Go in This Pool That’s 2,000 Feet in the Air—And Completely Made of Glass?

published Sep 16, 2019
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Credit: Hayri Atak
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This boutique hotel brings the word “extreme” to an entirely new level (literally). The concept comes from Turkey-based Hayri Atak Architectural Design Studio, who has created a lodging experience idea that can’t be called anything less than “epic.”

Hovering nearly 2,000 feet above ground, this isn’t your typical boutique hotel. The hotel will be carved into the Preikestolen cliff in Ryfylke, Norway, with a proposed design that includes nine guest rooms, a lounge, and the grand—and fairly terrifying—glass pool that extends outward.

Hayri Atak said in an interview with Architectural Digest that he was inspired to flush out this creation after seeing a friend’s photo that was taken from the cliff. Just looking at the photo caused his adrenaline to surge, and he couldn’t help but design a hotel that would feel like an extension of the cliff itself. 

Atka envisions the top floor as an entry point for guests, welcomed by a viewing platform. The three levels below will be carved into the rock and make up the guest rooms. Then, last but not least, there will be the bottom floor that is home to the long (and again, terrifying) pool.

Maybe it’s a little Russian Roulette-y to stay in a hotel like this (and maybe a little masochistic to swim in a pool like that), but the line between thrill and fear is a fine one. So if we have to yay or nay this one, we’re gonna go with a (trepidatious) yay.