High & Low: Not Your Average Grandfather Clock

There is something magical about a traditional Grandfather Clock and I’ve always wanted one in my home. It wasn’t until I found these modern variations on the classical colonial grandfather clock look, that I felt I had found the perfect fit for my home.

Simple, modern, and in chartreuse, what’s not to love?! If you’ve got a smaller space but want the pendulum feel, try this colonial-style wall clock.

1. Etsy seller uncommon, $54

Functional, stylish and fun, items like this make me fall in love with Ikea all over again.
2. Ikea’s PS Pendel Floor Clock, $199

AT readers are big fans of Blik’s and you really can’t go wrong with this Grandfather Clock decal. It’s little hassle and a lot of contemporary fun.
3. Blik’s Grandfather Clock decal, $37

For those wanting to buy something that will last a lifetime, this handmade modern Grandfather Clock is gorgeous beyond words.
4. Etsy seller SPDivision, $2,100

The pendulum and clock swings smoothly back and forth. Not recommended for homes with small children… and maybe cats.
5. Howard Miller Grandfather Clock, on sale for $947 (originally $1354)

Images: as linked above