Notebook Computer—Literally

Notebook Computer—Literally

Taryn Williford
May 14, 2009

We're not sure where the term "Notebook Computer" originated, mostly because it's not on Wikipedia yet. But if Urban Dictionary is to be a legitimate source of knowledge, then "Notebook is the term you use to refer to a LAPTOP computer if you are: A 9 year old girl that likes Bratz dolls, A fucking tool of Dell & Microsoft, or a n00b." The brilliant word smith that created this entry also adds that "It's a stupid nickname created by retards who decided to major in marketing during college becuase [sic] they wanted to spend the majority of their time getting wasted."
Maybe Dutch artist Evelien Lohbeck created this pseudo-sarcastic animation of a real notebook computer because she read the entry and agrees with this master of language...

This YouTube clip spotted at Ebaum's World shows paper-and-pen animator Evelien Lohbeck's notebook computer creation.

Taking the term literally, she opens up a bound paper sketchbook to a page that resembles a laptop computer with a keyboard on one side and a "screen" on the other. What follows is a clever little animation of Windows starting up, opening Google, and watching YouTube clips, on on "paper."

The irony is that this animation couldn't have been done without a real machine. Way to stick it to the man...

Via Geekologie

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