Nourishment: All Around the Table

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

As I navigated my way around the City-As-School polling place this morning, trying to find my district line amongst all the other West Villagers, I experienced a moment of pride in my country.

As chaotic as it was, and as scared as I am that the election won’t go the way I think it should, the mere fact that we were all participating in the process together was inspiring and in fact, nourishing. So often as neighbors, we lead disconnected lives, passing each other on the street without knowing we live 20 feet away from one another.

In that public school room, we were all getting our hands into the process together, like making bread, connecting.

This weekend I sat around two different dinner tables where there were Democrats and Republicans. There were Democrats voting for Kerry, Republicans voting for Bush, and a few very refreshing Republicans voting for Kerry. Despite the occasional rage I felt toward some of the sentiments expressed by the Bush voters in matters of foreign policy, taxation and the environment, I was grateful for the dinner table that had given us this opportunity to linger, sipping wine and sharing food I made with my hands to nourish us all equally.

So if you haven’t voted yet, go. It might take you an hour or two, but as you stand in that line, talk to your neighbors. It is surprisingly nourishing, like cooking together and breaking bread – Democrats and Republicans alike. skgr