Nourishment for the Table

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

When I say nourishment I mean it in a very broad sense. It’s physical health, it’s the rewarding process of cooking, it’s breaking bread with friends and family, it’s lingering for longer than necessary around a table.

The table is an important part of a meal. The way it’s set and the way it’s lit make a difference, at least for me, in how I enjoy a meal. When there is mail stacked up near my food, I do not relax as much as when the table has a clean cloth and some fresh flowers.

This week, in honor of Kitchen Month, I’ll be looking at simple ways of making a table support your nourishment…

I see the table, whether or not it is in the kitchen or another room, as an altar to the food that comes from the kitchen – it should honor it with simple, beautiful things, without being too ostentatious.

We will accept no complaints this week about not having enough sterling flatware, long-stemmed roses, or damask tablecloths. We also won’t be asking you to doing anything too crafty.

Remember – the table is an altar to your food, and it is an integral part of nourishment. Begin with that idea and you will not fail.

(The photo is of one of my favorite tables I ever set. It had a white sheet for a tablecloth and weeds, literally, in a vase.) SKGR