Nouvel Studio: Handmade Artisan Glass

Late last year, I had the opportunity to visit a number of design studios, furniture showrooms and home stores in Mexico City. Nouvel Studio is a contemporary glass design studio that is the art-glass and high-design arm of the Pavisa Group — a large Mexican glass manufacturer that provides glass containers for the wine, spirits, food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical companies. In contrast to the high-speed mass production of Pavisa, Nouvel Studio products are handcrafted and the studio works with a handful of internationally recognized designers.

Michael Kramer — the director of Nouvel Studio — led the group through the hot studio where the team of artisans was working on a production run of just one of Nouvel Studio’s many designs.

In addition to the production floor, I saw the storage area where the vast array of colors and ingredients for colors are stored and witnessed the final stages of cleaning and polishing the completed production runs. While I was there, the team was polishing and packing a number of Patron tequila bottles.

Nouvel Studio works with designers Héctor Esrawe, Michel Rojkind and Bernardo Gomez-Pimienta to name a few. During the tour, I met Jeremy Pyles of New York’s Niche Modern — Nouvel is working on production techniques fro some of Niche Modern’s new designsl!

One of my favorite stops on the Nouvel Studio tour was the conference room where simple drinking glasses in hundreds of colors are arranged on deep built-in shelves — check out the images at the end of the gallery for these colorful beauties!

MORE INFO: Nouvel Studio

Images: Aaron Able, Gabriel Prado