Nova Zembla: Modern Furniture (and classic right around the corner)

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Funky LA for your home. Nova Zembla is two stores. We went to one of them (the modern one) and it reminded us of LA. One has a large selection of classic furniture and resides on Atlantic Avenue, while the other has bright, funky modern furniture and resides on Smith Street, just a few blocks away. Zembla has no website and is not reviewed anywhere but Citysearch (one review), so we are happy to help put them on the map. We liked Nova, but wasn’t impressed with the overall quality. It’s a style conscious store, but with non SoHo prices. MGR

What Nova says:

Nova carries a broad range of furniture (living room and dining room only), which are manufactured exclusively by Cisco Brothers. Nova Zembla specializes in selling you custom furniture (especially sofas) at prices 20%-30% lower than other stores due to their low rent location and relationship with Cisco. You can customize anything you want or look for good deals on in-stock items at an additional discount.

What People say:

What about Nova Zembla in Brooklyn? I happened upon them last fall when I was visiting. Very eclectic, bohemian, relaxed, non-girly stuff. Sort of like the ABC Curvy option but cooler and (if memory serves) far less expensive. Sully6

This is a small place with a limited selection, but everything in it is something you want. We got a great sofa there about two years ago that still looks great. They carry high quality upholstered furniture, occasional tables and acessories for your home. (via Citysearch)

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