Novanta: A Workstation for the Future

Novanta: A Workstation for the Future

Range Govindan
Feb 18, 2009

I used to have this huge Ikea desk in my office, which took up a large portion of it. It was huge, fit in a corner and extensions could be easily added. The trouble with large desks is that they become storage. It's really hard not to just put stuff down on such a big surface, especially papers. I had stacks of papers all over the place. Although I love this desk, I know now that large desks aren't always the answer. This desk kind of proves that point. It's not overtly large, but has space for everything that you need. Plus, it's got some neat features. Read on to find out more.

The Novanta Designer's Workstation was made by Luke Riggall. It's made for utilitarian efficiency. What's really nice is that it looks pretty good. In fact, it would match that new 17" MacBook Pro almost perfectly, if you got yourself one. MDF, aluminum and perforated metal was used to create this Mac friendly look. It includes a bunch of handy drawers, one of which will handle your laptop. Other features include integrated speakers, an illuminated tabletop, USB and audio hub, a monitor stand, an iPod dock, a power strip, as well as cable management, keyboard and mouse drawers, and an electrical equipment drawer at the back to hide those pesky wires.

A few of those features are really useful, like the power strip function with transforms this desk into a big outlet. Otherwise, the USB and audio hub can be quite useful but the electrical equipment drawer in the back will let you sort all of the wires. For once, the back of your table won't be a mess, thanks to this feature. The other thing I really like is the lighting. You rarely need extremely bright light while working on a computer. You just need a bit of light so that you don't mess up your eyes. This lighting is perfect for this situation. We think that this desk has features that all modern workstations should have. All in all, I think I want one of these! [via Yanko Design, photos by Luke Riggall]

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