November is Best of the Guide Month!

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Back home, safe on the ground, with peeling skin and a bit of a head cold, we are actually feeling super-refreshed and ready to bring our Best of the Guide 2005 to a wrap up this week and begin Party Month next week.

There is so much in the works. Look out for the launching at “AT: The Kitchen” this week, followed by “AT: Store”, a new online store out of which we will sell our hot reader-designed T-Shirts and affordable art by an underground group called Art Therapy. Then we’re planning a party on December 15 to show off all the Chair & photographs, have a strong drink and gossip about apartments we’d like to sleep within.

Meanwhile we soon begin PARTY MONTH again, in which we’ll be publishing a new column by Billy Mac, called “Party Architecture,” and working up a Un-Gift Guide for the end of 2005. Jump in and join the ride as we work late to broadcast on all channels here from out pirate radio station right under your nose. (Pic by MarionQuaggatuggu)