November is: Entertaining

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

The end of the calendar year: As night begins earlier and the weather gets chillier we naturally turn to our homes as a place to socialize.

We gather friends and family for cocktails, big meals, holidays and parties. We want it to be special for our guests, so we decorate and buy flowers and favorite wines. We put together play lists and search for great invitations. We plan menus based on tradition or go totally trendy; either way we tend to splurge on the best. In other words, we celebrate.

AT:Chicago turns its focus to entertaining this month – we’re looking for ideas and inspiration to help make the gatherings special; the more info we all share with each other can only add to the festivities – and help the hosts to have as much fun as the guests.

It’s an appropriate theme for this month in more ways than one: AT has a big party of our own coming up – the Fall Colors Contest Wrap party will be held here in Chicago on November 16th at CB2. Maxwell is coming from NY for the festivities – it will be the “envelope, please” moment for our finalists as the four winners of the contest are announced for the first time. Mark your calendar – you are cordially invited and we hope AT:Chicago readers come out and make it a memorable night.

There’s more contest to come: You have met our judges (and if you haven’t – here’s the archive) and our finalists have been notified by the team in NY. They should be getting their final entries together and we will beging posting them this week. We’re looking forward to seeing more of the homes of the reader’s favorites – the votes determined who is in the finals – and now, the judges will determine the winners…

Image: Blossom spray ($8.95) from Crate and Barrel.