Blogging... NPR Talks Girl Focused Gizmos

Blogging... NPR Talks Girl Focused Gizmos

Sonia Zjawinski
Jun 10, 2008

These days, we ladies love gadgets as much as our XY counterparts -- women now account for 45% of all consumer electronic purchases in the U.S. So why do companies insist on using stereotypes when designing gizmos tailored for women?

NPR tackled this question yesterday on Day to Day, with their first episode of a series they'll be doing on women and gadgets. Yesterday's program looked at the ridiculous gizmos companies make in order to woo women -- phones that track ovulation, watches that log workouts -- as well as the good, according to CNET reporter, Molly Wood...

Wood says that companies are slowly realizing that design alone doesn't appeal to women; the product first and foremost has to be good at what it does. Her current faves for women are:
Flip Video Ultra

Asus Eee PC

Nintendo DS Lite

Wood also notes that changing a products name from just it's boring model number to something like the Chocolate or the enV has helped companies find more female customers. We would argue that everyone, no matter what your gender, likes not having to remember LC-4378X.

Last year, I posted a retort to an offensive Marie Claire concept phone focused on women. In it I explained what I thought the ultimate female focused phone would have:
Outstanding audio quality. I'm tired of hearing mumbled words on the other end.

  1. A one-button distress signal to the closest police precinct, which transfers my GPS coordinates to the men and women in blue. I'd rather have this than mace since it's easy to put yourself in harm's way when spraying that stuff.

  2. An option to block certain numbers/people from calling or texting me. You shouldn't have to change phone numbers just because you have a stalker or needy ex.

  3. A mini compartment to store my money and ID, so I don't have to carry a bag with me on a bike ride.

What are you guys looking for in terms of gadgets with a feminine touch?
Do you have any current favorites?

Photos: Hello Kitty, Mobile Whack; Flip, Amazon; Asus Eee PC, Amazon; DS Lite, Will; ShePhone, Marie Claire

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