This Slightly Risqué Renaissance Decor Trend is Back and Better than Ever

published Apr 14, 2020
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Credit: Ryan Farnau

Renaissance means rebirth, and if you’re looking to give your home a little decorative rebirth right now, here’s some good, punny news: there’s a Renaissance resurgence in decor going on right now. I’m talking nude sketches, sculptures, and other small pieces of figural decor, and they’re all classic enough that they’ll still look good in your home long after the trend is over.

Artists have been depicting bodies in multiple media for hundreds, if not thousands, of years, traditionally in sculpture, drawing, and painting. And we’ve certainly talked about both breast decor and face print decor before. But today there’s more variety than ever in terms of the body types and features showcased. These accents are perfect for private spaces like the bedroom and bathroom, but they can also be fun, cheeky (get it?) additions to your living room and beyond. And remember: Not all body decor has to be super provocative—we’ve rounded all kinds of options, so you can celebrate the killer curves and natural anatomy of the human form pretty much wherever you please. 

Credit: The Jungalow

Body Language Print

This girl gang is the perfect addition to your gallery wall! Showcasing a variety of womanly shapes and sizes, the black-and-white print, featuring a drawing by Justina Blakeney, illustrates the strong and powerful bodies that women have. 

Buy: Body Language 4 by Justina Blakeney, Starting at $40.00 for an 8″ x 10″ print from The Jungalow

Female Form Vase

Put fresh flowers on display in a curved vase that highlights the female form. It’s the perfect size for styling out a window sill or a small shelfie setup.

Buy: Female Form Vase, $16.00 from Urban Outfitters 

Credit: Coming Soon

Mosser Glass Bathing Lady

The bathing lady is the perfect companion for your desk, nightstand, or dining table. She can work as a soap dish, keep your jewelry safe, or act as a candle holder for a votive. She’s also food safe, so if you like to dip your pizza in ranch or blue cheese, this little lady will hold no judgements—just your sauce.

Buy: Mosser Glass Bathing Lady, $40.00 from Coming Soon New York

Credit: Etsy

Booty Succulent Planter

If you’re not ready to make the jump into showcasing slightly more NSFW parts, these nondescript porcelain planters will strike a silly but fun note when planted with a cactus or succulent. Try one on your coffee table or nightstand.

Buy: Booty Succulent Planter, $25.00 from Etsy


Cold Picnic Boob Pillow Cover

Cozy and cute, this chain-stitched pillow cover from Cold Picnic is a fun way to update an old bedroom or living room throw pillow. It comes in a few tones and works best with a 20-inch square pillow insert.

Buy: Cold Picnic Boob Pillow Cover, $70.00 from

Credit: H&M Home

Reclining Figure Poster

This beige line drawing poster is about as PG as it gets. It’d be lovely framed and hanging in a bathroom or near a dressing area.

Buy: Reclining Figure Poster, $17.99 from H&M Home

Credit: Otherwild

Female Form Wall Hooks

Spruce up your entryway or closet door with powder-coated steel wall hooks that are perfect for hanging towels, jackets, totes, and other lightweight items. Choose from four bold shades or a buy a few sets for a multicolored display.

Buy: Female Support System Twins by Kaye Blegvad, $36.00 for two from Otherwild

Credit: Society 6

Woman Form Wall Hanging

A wall hanging can easily elevate a blank wall—it’s the perfect way to fill up that blank spot about your headboard. The Woman Form IV Wall Hanging by Nadja features a female figure with crossed legs in neutral tones that will work with pretty much any existing color palette.

Buy: Woman Form IV Wall Hanging by Nadja , Starting at $31.99 $22.39 for a Small Hanging from Society6