Nursery Tour: Zoe's Room

Nursery Tour: Zoe's Room

Janie Lee
Jun 18, 2007

Location: Seattle, Washington
Type:: 1940 'pill box' house. It is about 850 sf upstairs and 650 sf in the now finished daylit basement.
Child's Name, Age: Zoe, 4 years old
Room Size:: approximately 110 sf

When we first emailed with Pam, co-owner of Nico and Zoe which we blogged previously, she told us about the small room she created for daughter Zoe. Pam graciously agreed to share pics of this wonderful toddler's room.

So, having a room for a 4 year old is a little bit of a challenge. When Zoe was little, we always followed the open low shelf idea (ala Montessori) with baskets and toys out available to use. She responded well to this. We would often rotate toys. As she got older, she got used to the location of items. So, if we moved items out of certain locations, and/or baskets she got really upset! So, things don't get moved as much now, But, she has learned to put things back - mostly. We have to go through her stuff every few months so we don't have too much. The tiny/little toys just seem to show up!

We chose a musty green and cream for her room. I took the colors from an artNuevo image I found in a book. We didn't know if we were having a boy or a girl, so we chose a color the would work either way - and I didn't like yellow! We have simple art (a metal moon/star mobile above her crib/bed.) I also created transfers of Edward Gorey images for her walls. And pink and other colors seem to go with it quite well.

Zoe picked the star light all on her own - out of all the options in the Fireworks store in Seattle, she chose the simple blue one that projects little start. So, I guess it is true, if you start early teaching the kids good taste, it will mostly stick - except while in the Target toy section!

The low shelves and laundry bin are from Ikea - some bath/spa shelves. Her bed is from Craigs list, but clean wood design with 2 large drawers - and not too high for my daughter to get into bed, and/or possibly fall out of. We never used a side rail. The original crib converted into a toddler bed, so this bed didn't come until she was potty trained and 3. The arch was originally meant for over her bed, but she didn't like it, so it became a great play area - and I didn't like it on the bed either! The prints are Ferries from old Books, and the mobile just above her bed is a Zolo Mobile from a kit she got for Christmas.

I wanted to include her closet so you could see how small that it. I keep shoes (current sizes and future sizes), scarves and hats in the shoe organizer on the door. Future clothes are kept in the white boxes above. The closet only goes about 6 inches past the door on both sides and is about 1.5 feet deep. But, I guess we should be happy we have a closet!! The room is approximately 10.5x10.5 feet.

Many toys are from our website, but many were the inspiration for starting our website: Great wood toys, that are modern/clean design while being functional and fun. The kitchen is from Goodwill as well as the pots and pans. Though she mostly takes all of her pans and puts them on the floor to cook.

Thanks, Pam!

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