Nursery Tour: Easton's Ocean-Inspired Room

Nursery Tour: Easton's Ocean-Inspired Room

Carrie McBride
Apr 27, 2009

Name: Easton, nearly 3-months-old
Location: Calgary

Steve and Erin recently welcomed Easton into their lives and are now welcoming you to Easton's room! Their "loose underwater theme" brings focus to the room while still allowing the flexibility to introduce other elements (like a wonderful series of robot prints by artist Jeff Soto). Our eyes were drawn to the vibrant orange accent wall which pops against the other calming sea-blue walls and these colors, as well as brown and white, make appearances throughout the nursery. Steve and Erin also made their personal mark on Easton's room with their origami sea creature collage project. Read more about Easton's room after the jump.

What was your inspiration or goal for this space?

Our main goal was to create a fun, comfortable room that wasn't reminiscent of a standard, cliché baby room. Our house was built in 1912, and we wanted to keep some of the original character of the room, as well as adding some fun, colorful feature elements.

What challenges did you come across while putting the room together?
We live in a fairly small 2 bedroom house. We decided to renovate both rooms at the same time. This made it difficult for us to have a place to sleep, so we had to keep rearranging the furniture around the construction.

Was it hard for you both to agree on an aesthetic or color scheme?

We have fairly similar tastes, and we tend to agree on design ideas for the most part. I think both Erin and I bring varying ideas to the table, and we agree on most of them.

What are your favorite elements or items in the room?

The floor is a big upgrade from the previous beige carpet - and that really sets the tone for the room. I also really like the orange highlights throughout.

The ocean animal framed collage is incredible! Can you tell us more about how you made it?

Thanks! We wanted to have a loose underwater theme. I found some great origami inspired illustrations on istockphoto. I took those and put them on colored backgrounds that fit with the rest of the room. We framed them with a few various sizes of frames from Ikea and arranged them in an interesting pattern.

Your armchair looks very comfortable. Where did you get it?

The gliding chair is the Karbon from EQ3.

Is Easton's room always this neat, tidy and organized?

We like our house clean and tidy. For the most part we keep it pretty organized (when we're not being lazy). Who knows if this will last as he gets older...

Do you have any great resources you'd like to share?

Communication Arts - inspiration for interiors can come from many other designs disciplines. Communication Arts focuses more on graphic design, photography and illustration, but can give you some great ideas for any space.

What advice would you give parents beginning to put a nursery together?

Make it a place that you personally will enjoy spending time in. For the first while, your baby doesn't have to many opinions when it comes to interior design. If you make a space that you like, you will enjoy spending time with your child there even more.

Thank you Steve, Erin and Easton!

p.s. Jeff Soto's work (robot series of prints behind Easton's crib) can be found here.

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