NY Design September Meetup: Tomorrow!

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

What: NY Design Meetup
Members: 271

When: 7-8pm, Thursday, September 6th

Where: DWR SoHo, 142 Wooster St. (Prince/Houston)

Presenters: email justine @ apartmenttherapy.com with MEETUP in subject line

Attention designers! This is good, free press. We’re back at DWR SoHo for our FOURTH New York Design Meetup. Each gathering has been awesome and the group is growing. Sign in, put it in your calendar and come on down.

“On the 1st Thursday each month at 7PM, 6 people get 5 minutes each to demo something cool to New York’s product and furniture design community” We have open space, so email us today and get on the schedule (all info here and below)….

We’ve always felt that the web’s greatest asset was in creating community and that it should mirrored offline as well. Inspired by Scott Heiferman’s NY Tech Meetup, which we’ve been going to lately, we’ve started a NY Design Meetup for product and furniture designers, architects, entrepreneurs, students and hackers.

Our goal is to provide a unique, efficient and entertaining forum for designers to get their ideas out to an interested crowd who can offer networking possibilities, exposure and good old applause.

Where else can people cheer you on for your design?

In addition, we’ll be blogging each of our 6 presenters each month, providing them with additional exposure on AT. If you’re interested in coming or showing, come to this link, and sign in. Admission is free.