NY Good Questions: Can the Fireplace “Oven” be Removed?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Hello AT,

Help! Not sure how to do damage control on this working fireplace.

Apparently, the “oven” like feature will help heat my apartment, but I’ll sacrifice that for a nicer looking fireplace. Can that be removed/ pulled out?

The walls are now all white in the room and I’m wondering if I should paint the mantle white as well. (There’s brick just to the right of the fireplace which is behind a white spiral staircase.)

I’m also not a fan of the brick on the fireplace. My neighbors all have tile.

I am not interested in sinking a lot of money into this, so any inexpensive ideas would be great…

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Also, I’m trying to find the right piece, maybe a mirror, to hang above the mantle. Love to hear your ideas.

Thanks! Who