NY Good Questions: What Type of Backsplash should I Get?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Dear AT,

I just moved into this apartment, and switched out the cabinets.

Now I have this blank wall, just begging for a backsplash.

The wall is sheet rock over brick, with uneven painting and patching.

There’s also a bit of a hodge podge… two different light wood cabinets, faux granite counters, white walls and appliances, and brown sandstone-like vinyl floor tiles…

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I am looking for ideas that could be carried out over a weekend, without special tools, and on a budget of $200.

Ideally, the materials would be something that I could by in store in NYC, and not have to special order.

I would love the look of metal… something like the metal tiles from Modwalls.com, but at a lower price point.

But I am open to other ideas as long as they are easy to clean. The space is 22″x 60″.

I’ve never had any experience putting up tile, and I’ve been looking for other materials that might be re purposed. Ideas?

Thanks! Kim