NY Spring Cure: Week Five - Home Office

NY Spring Cure: Week Five - Home Office

Maxwell Ryan
Apr 9, 2008

I had to post these flowers: Week 3 flowers that Lindsey got from Costco. There's more there, however, as she repainted her bedroom and filled the outbox.

From SuzieGoombs: I think another reason I'm feeling so good about the cure right now is that I have officially NOT chewed off more than I can handle. There are tons of things I'd like to change in the living room right now (not that its horrible! its still quite comfortable) but it all requires more time and money than I currently have. That and being unsure about if we'll be here next year has made me decide to focus on the LR for the fall 2008 cure. I feel REALLY good about this decision and it has let me chill out a bit this week....

This week you round the horn and start to head for home. You are deep in it now and whatever is going to come up for you should be out in the open now. If you are feeling overwhelmed or have misjudged the time you have available to you, SCALE BACK and relax. You can always do this again and it is important that we make it as successful an experience as possible. Think of Week 8 as a landing strip coming up in the distance. The moves you make now will affect whether you can land smoothly or not, so think ahead and be proactive.

This Week's Assignment:

In the Deep Treatment, among other things you are diving into the home office and tackling all the computer and electrical tangles that you may have. You are also considering a Media Fast, which is a rather radical part of our household cleaning binge....

Lynn F is feeling strong!: "I did a lot this weekend, so I definitely can give strength. I organized all of my bookshelves and misc.drawers, adding a lot to my outbox. I will have to wait another week to donate the contents. I weeded my NPs and magazines too. I also did the basics, dusted, vacuumed, and cleaned the bathroom."


As for wireless technology, this simply offers a tremendous design advantage that eliminates wires and clutter for those who work at home on laptops, which is also now easy and inexpensive to set up. Our Home Tech site was started specifically to aid in this area.

In the One Room Workout you will be getting into real color, painting color that is. We had a great time writing this part of the book and remembering all that we had learned over the years about painting. In particular, we were happy to be able to lay out some healthier paint alternatives, though we've found it hard to integrate these choices into NYC life. We'd be interested to hear any tips on this subject.

TelAvivDweller has done her floorplan! And here's her blog: "So I finally took the time to do a real nice floor plan for my living room/office/kitchen as it currently stands. I left a few things out and the furniture measurements aren't exact, but I think you get the idea. I'm feeling like I need to rearrange things for better flow, but I'm stuck on how..."

Another view of HollyinDC's home. This time she crammed at the end of the week and did a ton of organizing and cleaning.

Suziegoombs newly organized bookshelf: "Not color-coded anymore because it was making me crazy. The books are now arranged by type and then alphabetically by author."

Here's a cool shot of NiNA-LoU's BeDRooM from Komar2069. He's not in our NY Cure, but it would be cool to talk to him.

This is Jany's very inventive Landing Strip. You see, anyone can make a Landing Strip. It's all a matter of creativity!

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