NY Spring Cure: Week Five - Weekend

NY Spring Cure: Week Five - Weekend

Maxwell Ryan
Apr 12, 2008

Survey results of the week:

Quote of the Day from PolkaDot:
"I'm still working in the office/closet/guestroom. Bought hangers and storage containers from Ikea today for the closet project. But we still have a king-sized bed blocking most of the room....friend will haul it away this weekend. Considering whether to paint the whole room or just the one wall."

As they say during meditation retreat: "You are coming to the end of Week Five. Only three more weeks to go."

I wanted to quote PolkaDot because I sense that that is where most people are. This is a crucial few days. It is easy to give in right now, but if you can - like Polkadot - summon the energy to push into this weekend you will find yourself with only two more weeks of hard work to go and then party planning will help you celebrate the finish.

To be quite honest, I have found this week very wearying and a touch depressing. Why?...

There is no good reason, except that the weather broke and the warmth started to come back and it caused the opposite reaction in me (than you would think it would). While the cold kept me on my toes and kept me moving towards my goals, no matter HOW I felt, this sudden warm has allowed me to relax and LET IT ALL OUT. It's a bit of a natural dip.

After a long winter, you are naturally tired and weary of the last few months. Although you can see the new changes taking place, and the beautiful buds coming into the trees, you don't feel quite with it. You don't feel like you quite deserve it yet. The Winter takes more than a few days to shake off.

Which is all to say,

Keep your feet moving
Make your lists of what you've accomplished to remind yourself


Give yourself a small (emotional) break

it will help you resume your efforts and push through the the end

and you will be so proud of yourself.

Meanwhile, I need flowers. Don't you??? Are you buying them each week??

Love this: Kakatie has upgraded her bathroom by repainting and installing essential shelves: "It's pink! I painted it on my day off while the husband was at work. He came home to a pink bathroom (whatever... he wears pink shirts all the time). Tee hee. " More great pics here as well....

Ah Weekly Flowers! These are in the bathroom at Laren's of Sweet Blog of Mine. We do flowers each week and always enjoy splitting them between bathroom and dining room.

This Week's Assignment:

In the Deep Treatment, among other things you are diving into the home office and tackling all the computer and electrical tangles that you may have. You are also considering a Media Fast, which is a rather radical part of our household cleaning binge....

As for wireless technology, this simply offers a tremendous design advantage that eliminates wires and clutter for those who work at home on laptops, which is also now easy and inexpensive to set up. Our Home Tech site was started specifically to aid in this area.

In the One Room Workout you will be getting into real color, painting color that is. We had a great time writing this part of the book and remembering all that we had learned over the years about painting. In particular, we were happy to be able to lay out some healthier paint alternatives, though we've found it hard to integrate these choices into NYC life. We'd be interested to hear any tips on this subject.

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