NY Spring Cure: Week Four - Living Room

NY Spring Cure: Week Four - Living Room

Maxwell Ryan
Apr 3, 2008

From SidStiles: I've got an amazing de-cluttering motivator...you ready?
First the apartment next to yours has to catch on fire, then their sprinkler go off and then fire department comes and hoses the apartment down, and then, wait for it... your apartment gets flooded! Its crazy the speed in which you can de-clutter your place when everything touching the floor gets wet.

Soooooooo slow to catch up with you, but I'm back. It's been particularly busy here with the contest and the traffic zooming upward since Monday (you can see it here). That means that a lot of folks are watching you from the gallery and cheering you on. BTW, keep the Strength Machine postive, give as much as you can (and anyone can give).

This Week's Assignment: In the Deep Treatment we tackle the Living Room. For some of you this may be a big deal, for others it may not be as much trouble. Either way, this is probably the time to tackle your BOOKS. These are a very pesky element that can be very hard to edit. Your are also cooking at home 3x this week. If you would like encouragement or recipes, head over to The Kitchn, where daily support and inspiration is provided...

The One Room Workout gets to tackling shopping and considering Carb and Protein furniture if you haven't already. I urge you to buy quality when you shop. In addition, if you are entering prices into a shopping list/spreadsheet, don't forget that we have these available here for you to use.

From Jen64 who is moving right along: I did buy a new quilt for the bed today. I was set on the West Elm duvet. I went into Macy's today since I had a gift card from Christmas and decided to take a look. I found a Martha Stewart quilt and shams set reduced from $250 to $70! It's not too "Martha", and has a modern vibe to it. Most of all it isn't clashing to much with my curtains.

Top Tips for week 4:

1. Be practical - Have you bitten off too much? Then scale back and move on.

2. Get brutal - Are you being too careful when you should be getting mean with your stuff? This is your chance to make a difference. Don't lollygag and perseverate over cleaning and editing. As Nike says, Just do it.

3. Get inspired - Everyone else is working hard and having struggles as well. Share yours and see what others are doing to make their change. Also, if you'd like an inspirational story, check out this one about the founding of Patagonia. Rock climbing is a good metaphor for what we are all doing.

Another great project from Shimelle: She built this studio table from two kitchen cabinets secured together.

Welcome to EmilyJoyce, who has a great little apartment. She's still looking for a nice greige paint for the walls. Can anyone make a suggestion?

Check out how nicely Lynn F's doing (although she got a bit of a leg up in the last Cure). I particularly like this: I also made a nice Shrimp and Zucchini pasta last night, and now I am cooking Brussel sprouts with walnuts and balsamic, to accompany my chicken. Red tulips were my splurge of the week.

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