NYC Apartments Are So Pricey That This Man Lives in an $89/Night Hostel

published Nov 29, 2023
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Miniscule dorm room or apartment? In New York City, it’s sometimes hard to tell the difference between the two, and a recent TikTok showing an $89-a-night apartment is blowing people away for that exact reason.

In his video, content creator and real estate agent Erik Conover visits a man named Dylan in his pod-style room. The place, which roughly measures about 5×6”, features a single bed, a foldable desk, and some storage in the spaces above and beneath the bed.

“It’s humble, but it’s accommodating,” says Dylan, whose head and feet are touching the walls as he lies down.

The bathroom and kitchen are shared facilities just outside Dylan’s room. The living area is also shared with other guests.

As mentioned, the cost to stay a night here is $89 — a price point that many in the comments section did not like for a room of that miniscule size. “So almost $2,700 a month,” someone said. Another commenter added: “Nothing will ever convince me it’s worth living in NYC.”

It turns out, though, that Dylan’s actually living in a hostel, which better explains the small room and shared facilities. The hostel is called Interfaith Retreats, and what’s special about it is that proceeds from guest reservations are used to provide meals for the homeless. 

The $89-per-night stay, as it turns out, is not that bad, as it is cheaper compared to other similar establishments in the city. According to a report by Kayak, “The average price for a night in a hostel in New York is $144 compared to $560 for a night in a hotel.”

A glowing review about the Interfaith Retreats in Conover’s post reads, “I stayed there one night!!! That place was awesome.”

So there you have it. If you’re in search for a place that’s long-term, then maybe you’d want to give this property a pass. But if you’re looking for a bed for the night that’s near Times Square, is affordable, and helps the homeless, then Interfaith Retreats might be for you. You can learn more about it here.