Tech Innovations That Will Change Your Life in the Near Future

Tech Innovations That Will Change Your Life in the Near Future

Julienne Lin
Jun 5, 2012

We came across a very interesting article in the New York Times the other day called 32 Innovations That Will Change Your Tomorrow, a list of concepts we may or may not see in the near future that will possibly change how we sleep, play, work, imbibe, shop, and even how we sit at our desks…

Posture Perfect Monitoring: ErgoSensor monitor by Philips was recently announced as both an energy efficient 24" LCD made from 65% post consumer recycled plastics and an answer to the common problem of neck and eye strain caused by sitting incorrectly behind this or any other screen. An embedded sensor monitors how users sit (tracking the pupils), offers advice for improving posture, while dispensing break interval reminders. Think of it like an ergonomically minded Siri.

Power Shirts: We've talked about conference tables that can work to power your tech, part of NYT's roundup is an electric shirt that uses the different temperatures your body gives off in a shirt to create electricity that is then directed into charging your devices. The shirt is only predicted to charge your device by 10-15% in the course of 8 hours however.

Analytical Undies: Predicted to become available in 2 years, Myontec has introduced underwear with electromyographic sensors that can track how hard you're working your muscles during a workout. That data is then sent to a computer for you to keep track of and analyze. No need for pedometers anymore, just boxers.

Room Monitors: Mark Rolston from design firm, Frog, is aspiring to get rid of screens (like smartphones and tablets) and turn entire rooms into screens that we can use to access the web, video chat and more. To turn it all off, we simply have to swipe it away like how they do in the Avengers movie.

Video Game Subway Straps: A concept that will definitely liven up the subway ride, industrial designer Jiang Qian came up with turning subway straps into video games. Instead of a joystick, you control movement by moving the strap from side to side, with two buttons where the thumbs are. You don't have to worry about having too much fun and missing your stop because the strap will also let you know when your stop is next.

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(Images:New York Times )

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