October Is Fall Colors Month!

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Boy, was it cold this morning! It’s right about now that we really need to step outside (or open the door to our apartment) and see some color. We need it to warm the soul on these soon to be frosty mornings. A beige box won’t do. Accordingly, we’re in the very middle of our I’ve Got Color Contest, which is meant to both goad and inspire those of you who have ever wanted to add color to your home by showing you what others have done.

But don’t forget, using color doesn’t just mean painting your walls bright red or blue; using color can also involve subtle tonal shifts, the skillful use of vibrant off-whites and a dead on accent wall. It doesn’t need to be ALOT of color to enliven your home – it needs to be really good color.

We’re continuing to roll out all the contest entries that we have received this week and then we’ll move to the semi-finals next week in preparation for our NATIONAL SMACKDOWN (first time ever). If you’re not in yet, tomorrow is our deadline, so you’ve still got time…. (Photo: Happyraindrops on Flickr)