October is Fall Colors Month!

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We are into the final week of October and winter has arrived, rudely bypassing fall. We hope to get back some of that fall warmth. In the meantime, it’s a busy week as we will be throwing up the remaining 10 eastern entries in the next day and then going straight to the voting, where all the critics can have a field day separating the weak from the strong.

And what about next week?

If you think you might be in the final four from both coasts, you should get your camera ready to take new pictures next weekend so you can blow us away and avoid the pitfalls of losing favor simply because your camera doesn’t do your room justice.

And what about next month? We’re doing something we’ve longed to do from the beginning, we’re going collect your opinions on the best home stores in town (and on the web). Best Sleeper Sofa Shop? Best Online Modern Furniture Shop? Best Lighting? Best Vintage? We’re going to find out and award golden squiggles to reader’s top choices. Get ready.

Listed below you will see some of the categories we’re working with. Go ahead and add in the comments.

Best Stores for:

Modern Furniture
MidC Furniture
Art Deco Furniture
Contemporary Furniture
Thrift Store


Big Home Furnishings (ie. PB, C&B, Ikea)
Small Home Furnishings (ie. Scott Jordan, John Kelly)

Best Brooklynn Design Shop
Best Manhattan Design Shop
Best Web Design Shop

(photo: Bubblelo)