October is Fall Colors Month!

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Welcome to Fall! With fade of the green and the chill in the air, we celebrate the color that is in the home, the colors that warm our soul and the cheapest tool in your redecorating quiver.

With our Fall Colors Contest, we are sharing over 200 of our reader’s color ideas across our four sites. At AT:NY we are posting the best 60 submissions (3 a day and one on the weekend) out of the nearly 150 that we received. We apologize in advance if we don’t post yours, and we can’t say when they will pop up as we are not going in order of submission. Our final entry will be posted on October 31st, and the finals will be judged entirely by our esteemed panel of 6 judges.

We also apologize if some of the comments get a bit randy and off-color. We are very proud of our readers and expect a high level of decency, but this is the web, passions do get heated at times and we have a lot of visitors this month. Whenever necessary we will intervene to redirect conversations, and always appreciate a tip off from readers if a thread gets a little smelly.