October is Fall Colors Month!

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Our last Fall Colors Contest submissions go up tomorrow. We run four today and three tomorrow, making 60 total. BE SURE TO VOTE! We deeply apologize to anyone who didn’t get posted! While many were simply not as strong an entry as others, many suffered from bad pictures. We want to help correct this, so we’re going to be putting together a post on how to take WINNING pictures of your own home for future use.

Introducing The ColorVault! Inspired by this year’s contest we are offering a new free service to our readers: The ColorVault – a way to always remember the colors you painted your home. Simply email us a picture of your room with your name & email and the following:

1. Color Name
2. Color Number
3. Brand
4. Oil, Latex or other?
5. Finish
6. Room Painted
7. Trim, wall or ceiling?
8. Any comments

We will then enter this into our database and send you a confirmation. Whenever you want to remember your colors, simply send us an email and we’ll send you back all the information. And when we have this automated, you’ll be able to access it yourself.

Make a deposit! Withdraw whenever you want to!

Send all The ColorVault info to Justine(at)apartmenttherapy(dot)com.