Odd Space Month Countdown: 9 Days Left

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We heard about a novel OSD (Odd Space Dilemma) at the launch party last week: an attic flat in such a quake-addled building that the kitchen floor’s slope makes for lopsided cakes and half-burned omelettes. It’s a good thing SF has Citizen Cake.

OK, maybe that isn’t very helpful. But we do have ideas and solutions for the myriad other problems flagged in our top ten list, and we’ll be working our way through them this week and part of next. We’ve yet to tackle space optimization when the walls slope, ugly gas heaters, in-shower storage closets, too many doors, and harmonizing the modern Victorian mix.

If you’ve got an odd space dilemma or solution, email us your pics or post them to flickr with the tag apartmenttherapysanfrancisco. We’ll look for you there!