Odd Space Solutions Month Continues!

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Lately we’ve been thinking about how valued the view outside the window is here in the Bay Area. When the view is out the bay window, its not always practical to face your furniture into it, head-on. If our laptop lived in a lovely, tree-flanked bay window like this one, for instance, we’d never get any blogging done.

And we have a lot to do this week! We’re trying to work our way through all the Odd Space Solutions (and dilemmas) you guys put forth when we first raised the OSD flag. This week we’ll try to take on space planning in rooms that have bay windows. (If you’ve wrestled with this problem and won, please share your pics).

We’ll also be prepping for the launch party, which is this Thursday evening at 7, at Propeller. You’re invited, so line up the baby sitter / dog walker / late-for-work-on-Friday-excuse!