“Oh my God, There’s an advertisement on my face!”

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Dept. of Finances. We want to be the first to say it: it was a shock to come in this morning and see a new ad for Domino floating in the middle of the blog. We knew it was coming, but reality is always different than what one imagines. It also brought up a number of feelings that we felt it best to simply get out on the table.

  • We were very flattered that Domino approached us to buy some advertising. They were not the first ones. All this means that our grand plans for AT and all the things we want to do on this site may be realized. In short, we can continue to work on the blog, pay others and have less fear of mortgaging our future.
  • We believe that the reader’s experience and the writing on this blog are the most important parts of this project…

    Therefore we have and will continue to work hard to keep advertising in a supporting role, not a hit-you-over-the-head look-at-me! type of thing that displays misplaced values and a lack of good design sense.

  • For this very reason, we are trying very hard to keep all ads below what we consider the sacred space around the masthead and the upper left.
  • As for our very positive review of Domino – it has been entirely heartfelt and genuine, but we are hardly without skepticism. We will continue to view our opinions AND seek yours. No store or advertiser is sacred as far as our editorial goes. Whether Domino turns out to be a stinker or saviour, we’ll say so and hope you will too.

    Now, as we await a check in the mail…. onward and upward with the blogs! MGR

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