Recapturing Nostalgia: iOS Flashback Apps

Recapturing Nostalgia: iOS Flashback Apps

Jesse Leikin
Apr 19, 2011

There is something nostalgic about vintage technology that appeals to many of us who grew up at a time when product life cycles were a bit longer. For some it brings back childhood memories, and for others it serves as a reminder to what once was. In that pre-digital world, mechanical and chemical processes reigned supreme. With them came imperfections, and with these imperfections came a sense of realism. We recently rounded up some of our favorite nostalgic tech items, and now we're following up with some iOS apps that capture the vintage look and feel of technology past. So with your taxes finally filled, kick back, relax, and enjoy the memories that these apps will stir up.

Atari Video Games
Remember the days of arcade machines and 2D video games? Well with Atari's Greatest Hits relive those days. Who needs first person shooters and 3D sports games when you have the likes of Pong and Astroids all in one app.

Toy Camera Photography
With this nifty little app, you can reminisce about good old analog photography. And not just any old analog camera, we are talking about those toy cameras that your parents bought you that made you feel so grown up. Both the look and feel of this app mimic the toy cameras of yesteryear. Adding the fact that you can order actual prints from the app really makes Hipstamatic a blast from the past.

Vintage Video Camera
Though likely before most of our times, we have all still seen some of the iconic footage shot during the early days of film. With the 8mm Vintage Camera application you can recreate the look and feel of Hollywoods original films and old home movies. Through in the newly added projector sound feature, and the old school film experience is intensified even more.

Remember the Records
Remember the days before CDs and MP3s when you filled crate after crate with your favorite records. Remember how authentic and real those records used to sound. There was something unique and exciting about records that was unable to be recreated by CDs. While not perfect, VinylLove for iPad helps recreate some of the most beloved parts of listening to records. Everything from finding tracks via the pickup down to the crackling sound is brought back with this great app.

Before digital typeset and printers, people had to physically arrange every character by hand on a letterpress machine in order print something. Unlike modern printers, letterpress machines did not always print evenly. Despite being an issue in the past, artists and designers are adding the use of letterpress back into their work in order to achieve an authentic and original look and feel. With LetterMpress app for iPad, you can do the same. Just digital arrange your characters, press send, and receive an authentic letterpressed print back in the mail. Goodbye evites. Hello letterpress invites and snail mail!

(Image background from Flickr user Naira Dias)

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