Old House Habits Die Hard

Old House Habits Die Hard

Tess Wilson
Apr 22, 2013

I grew up in an old house: it was 100 years old when I was in high school, which means today it is... slightly older than 100 years old. My parents' house is a beautiful and charming Victorian with stained glass windows, carved woodwork, and the worst shower in the world. Even though I moved out years ago, I still have to remind myself every day that it doesn't take all showers 10 minutes to warm up...

Ten minutes might be an exaggeration, but only a slight one. Now, before you tell me how wasteful my family is, you should know that 1) the water pressure was very low so 10 minutes worth of water in our shower might only equal, like, 2-3 minutes in yours, and 2) I was trained from a young age to take "60-second Showers", a practice I continue to this day (with exceptions for leg-shaving and deep-conditioning, of course). My grandparents' old farm house, where I stayed 4 months out of each year, had the same shower situation. 

Therefore, for my first 18 years' worth of showers, I had to let the water run for 5-10 minutes before it became... well, I wouldn't say "hot" — maybe "less cold". I would use the time to brush my teeth, trim my nails, pluck my eyebrows, etc. To this day, I can't turn on the shower without thinking about how I'm going to kill time. I've finally trained myself to turn the water on and get immediately into the shower (it's already hot!), but it takes conscious effort every single time time. 

Has an old house ever taught you habits you just can't shake?

(Image: Jill Slater / Isabella & Jay Take On Inwood)

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