Old-World Style: Prints, Patterns, & Accessories

We cover a lot of modern and contemporary products, but today we’re in the mood for some more old-school style. Way old school, like Chinoiserie prints inspired by 17th century designs or china patterns from a 200-year-old company. Mixing these old world accessories with more contemporary decor can bring real depth and drama to a room.

  1. Charles Newhaven Leon Fabric: Irish designer Charles Newhaven created the Leon (chair) and Rose Rose Chinoise (pillow) prints, inspired by classic Chinoiserie.
  2. De Gournay: How amazing is this handpainted gold-leaf wallpaper?
  3. Harlequin describes their Cassini line of fabric as “a sumptuous range of embroidered motifs.” Reminds us of Marie Antoinette’s bedroom.
  4. The Danish Royal Copenhagen brand is over 200 years old, and they continue to produce many of the company’s original patterns.
  5. French company Grange makes solid wood furniture in classic Provencial styles.
  6. Royal Design Studio makes ornate, complex stencil patterns for walls — like this 19th Century Medallion.
  7. Deborah Bowness’ wallpaper is patterned on stacks of old rare books.
  8. This vintage silverplate coffee set at Chicago store POSH came from a flea market in Belgium.
  9. Lost Art Salon in San Francisco is one of our favorite places to window-shop for old world vintage paintings and drawings.
  10. One final treat: the beautifully gilded rooms from Marie Antoinette’s Petite Trianon.

Photos: Charles Newhaven, de Gournay, Harlequin, Royal Copenhagen, Grange, Deborah Bowness, POSH, Lost Art Salon, Janel Laban