Olive O6HD Music Server

Olive O6HD Music Server

Gregory Han
Nov 17, 2010

We recently lamented the loss of hard drive space thanks to an ever expanding music collection (yeah, "boohoo") after years of converting our CD collection and also continually purchasing digital audio tracks. So it's perfect timing we got contacted today about the Olive O6HD music server, an audiophile's dream component for digital music files. Designed to work as the warehouse and command center of a home stereo system, the handcrafted aluminum sheathed audio component allows for navigation via a 10.1'' wide aspect color touch-screen or via iPhone, iPad or Touch...

Converting your audio collection into space saving and easy to access digital format is simple:

Simply insert a CD, push the record button and your CD is automatically copied to the ultra-quiet 2TB AV hard drive. Load up to 6,000 in their original quality, each tagged with all important album information and cover art. The O6HD also instantly organizes your music and allows easy access with Olive's revolutionary touch-screen navigation.

Olive 06HD Specs:

  • Upsampling to 384 khz: Using the latest TI SRC4194 Asynchronous Sample Rate Converter, the O6HD up-samples any lower audio standard to 24-bit/192 kHz, and later in the process to 384 kHz. That's why you get an incredible purity in high frequencies and low-level detail.
  • Dedicated linear power supply for the analog output stage w/ custom built toroidal transformer: To eliminate undesirable interference, the O6HD strictly separates the power supplies for its digital and analog sections. This separation ensures that the sensitive analog stages are isolated from all power supply artifacts, and that each stage within the O6HD is supplied independently with clean power.
  • Fanless cooling/total silence. Interference equals loss of quality. Fans generate interference. We have designed our system from the ground up so that it doesn't require fan cooling. So it's quiet inside, and perfectly clear outside.
  • solid aluminum shell dramatically reduces resonances and operational noises as our patent-pending feet design eliminate vibrations.

Olive is also offering a notable perk for the first 20 customers. Those first 20 pre-orders for the Olive 06HD will also come with a free trip to Olive's headquarters in San Francisco for a VIP experience! The least they could do when you're spending $4999 for an audiophile component.

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