Olive-Works en Provence

Olive-Works en Provence

Maxwell Ryan
Aug 15, 2005

We don't just go for modern. We like eclectic, we like organic and we even like a little traditional thrown in. We may be tough guys, but we liked these chandeliers that Richard Souter sent to us, after he read our opinions on chandeliers in H & H last March (oh, yes, they're coming back....).

Olive-Works en Provence makes these whimsical chandeliers and light fixtures in the shape of olive branches. Deep in the south of France, the leaves are made of fine steel which are cut out one by one then soldered onto the branches,the olives made of special resins are moulded then attached with solder.

You cannot find these in any US store, but if you contact Richard directly he will ship to you. He can be reached at richardsouter2002@yahoo.co.uk and by Tel:

All pricing and info is below. MGR

From Richard:
Please note for your guidance that we have recently designed an oval chandelier that is of the same olive branch design but instead of using electric lighting we have incorporated small glass encased tea candles giving a very soft glow and the chandelier operates on a pulley system enabling one to replace candles .

Applique/Wall Light

  • La grande Branche, 25 Branch , 2 bulb Applique, 1meter by 80cm.
    Price: 875 Euros

  • 12 Branch Single Bulb Applique 50x40cm is made up of 120 individual leaves.
    Price: 425 Euros

  • 7 Branch Single Bulb Applique 30x27cm
    Price: 350 Euros


  • 53 branch 1 Meter diameter Lustre,Height Adjustable,4 Bulb,600 leaves make up the design.
    Price: 1750 Euros

  • 25 Branch 70cm diameter Lustre ,Height Adjustable,3 Bulb
    Price: 1250 Euros

    All the designs by the nature of the materiels used are very impact resistant, hence we have no problem with items arriving damaged in transit,which can of course sometimes be problematic for very fragile and bulky items.

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