These Om Glasses Vibrate at Same Frequency as the Universe

published Aug 26, 2019
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The only thing better than a good wine glass is one that doubles as a meditation tool. And believe it or not, we found a solid set of Italian-made glasses that can do just that—for less than the price of your monthly yoga classes.

The Om Sound Glasses at Uncommon Goods are designed to make an “om” sound—just like the popular meditation chant—when filled with liquid. Simply dip a finger in the liquid and use it to circle the rim and voila: the glass will vibrate at 432 hertz (Hz) and a clear, soothing “ommmmmm” tone will sound.

What’s so special about 432 Hz you might ask? Well, according to some music theorists, it’s the frequency at which the universe vibrates. Listening to a sound at 432 Hz is especially pleasing to the ear, and said to reduce stress and promote emotional stability by putting you in sync with the “heartbeat of the Earth.” 

“When a wet finger is run along the rim of the glass it will create a slight friction that will cause vibrations in the sides of the glass,” said Annie Fawber, the production manager at Uncommon Goods. “The sides of the glass transmit the vibration to the surrounding air, creating a sound wave with a specific frequency depending on where on the glass the liquid inside is filled to.”

After doing testing and research on the frequency of Om, the designers at Uncommon Goods found the perfect fill line and placed an etched design there strategically so that when someone rubs their moistened finger along the top rim of the glass filled with the perfect amount of liquid, it will produce the 432 Hz frequency.

“If the liquid was filled to different points on the glass, it would create different sounds (such is the case with our Musical Wine Glasses),” Fawber said.

Each set comes with a pair of coordinating cork coasters from Portugal, decorated with the word “om” as well as the Sanskrit “om” symbol. A set of these sleek Om Sound Glasses will set you back $60 for two—so you’ll be on your way to more calming, wine-filled evenings for less than the cost of a fancy new pair of yoga pants.