On Amazon, You Can Buy a Prefab Cabin With a Loft That Sleeps Seven People

updated Oct 7, 2019
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Credit: Amazon

Amazon sells pretty much everything, from books to streaming service to groceries, now that it owns Whole Foods. And now it also sells small prefabricated homes. The options for tiny homes on Amazon begin at around $5,000 for bare-bones tiny homes like this container house from Weizhengheng or this one-bedroom from WZH. Most recently, through Women’s Health, we came across a much more luxurious-looking prefab cabin that sleeps seven people in its loft.

Called the Sledhaus Prefab Home/Tiny Home, it sells for $125,000, which may be either a bargain or most of the way to a regular house, depending on your local market. At 572 square feet, it doesn’t quite qualify as a tiny home (The Tiny Life caps tiny homes at 400 square feet), but it’s still smaller by far than the average American house, which according to The Tiny Life measures 2,600 square feet.

Credit: Amazon

On Women’s Health, writer Elizabeth Bacharach breaks down the prefab house’s features: 

“On the main floor, you have a bedroom, bathroom, living area, and modern kitchen, all of which can be temperature controlled by a Nest thermostat. Yup, according to the company’s site, the tiny house comes with the tech, as well as plumbing and electric. It’s also made with Mother Earth in mind. The SLEDhaus comes solar ready, meaning you can start living more sustainably (as everyone should) from the get-go.”

Irontown Homes, the makers of the Sledhaus, suggest using it as a hunting base, or for a relaxing weekend away from home. Based on the photos, it looks less like a cabin and more like a luxury retreat, though of course you’ll have to furnish and otherwise outfit it yourself. Setting up a prefab home requires paying close attention to permitting requirements too, but if you’re interested in learning more, there are local companies that can walk you through the process.

The same Amazon seller offers other prefab homes, ranging in price from $7,350 for a “garden house” to $64,650 for a 1336-square-foot cabin. Let the tiny home fantasies begin.