On Being At Peace With What You Have

On Being At Peace With What You Have

Sarah Rae Smith
Jul 18, 2011

For the last several months I've felt in a rut. I write for a major home decor blog and I should have projects and inspiration coming out of my ears right? Wrong. I read hundreds of blogs a day (really) from folks doing all sorts of awesome things to their homes. They're flipping, painting, repurposing and more. All the while I sit and watch their progress while feeling a little apathetic. Is it because my house is perfect and there isn't a thing that could be made better? Nope, it's the simple fact that I'm ok with what I have.

Now this might sound like a silly post when I'm in the middle of a home renovation which seems to have no end in sight. I should be filled with inspiration and a fire from everything I see around me. That's my job right? True, but there's a certain peace that comes from being satisfied with yourself. With your progress and goods.

Sometimes it can be a fine line to find when there's so much home decor inspiration happening out there (although we're obviously partial to this little corner of the internet). It's easy for websites and magazines to make you feel like you need to craft a pillow or spray paint a piece of furniture. It's easy to feel that there's always something to be done which although might be true, can create a severe sense of unrest.

Your home should be a place to get away from the world. A place that's yours, the walls hold love and acceptance. It's a place to be grateful for our families, our jobs and our passions. So by being at peace, by being ok with what you have any the condition of your home, you give more to yourself in the way of home decor than you do by feeling forced to take on a new project. Good things come with time and when you're truly ready to remodel your kitchen? Guess what, it will happen, you will be inspired and without hurry. Oh yeah, and it will be amazing!

Image: Sarah Rae Trover

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