On Ceramics: Adam and Quincy of PearsonMaron

On Ceramics: Adam and Quincy of PearsonMaron

Who: PearsonMaron
Redefine: "Slip casting"

Putting slip (liquid clay) into a mold, letting it harden, then pulling it out.

In Quincy's and Adam's work, drawings come to life and disasters become amazements. Through their art, fantastical characters like the abominable snowman and the elusive chupacabra are celebrated. They show us the direction to happiness and literally make cloud factories! Intricacies and rules are mastered to give us simple childhood dreams.. and they do all of this with clay.

Adam and Quincy tell us more:

"All pieces start out as hand built, meaning that we take a piece of clay and sculpt it into an object. Sometimes we make a mold of the object. We pour ceramic slip (liquid clay) into the mold let it harden and then pull it out of the mold. That is called slip casting. The ceramic pieces are then fired once to bisque where they are either painted with acrylics and watercolors or they are fired an additional time after being painted with glazes. We will then assemble them with painted wires, and attach additional small pieces onto them to create a finished sculpture."
Quincy: "I love creating new things. Making art gives me the same joy now as it did when I was a child. The fact that one can take what is basically a big block of mud and turn it into a solid object that is beautiful, or sometimes funny, or weird, is so amazing to me. I look at sculptures as drawings that have come to life; we even give some of the sculptures wheels so they can roll around if they need to."
Adam: "What I love about our process is the freedom and forgiveness of the ceramic material, juxtaposed with the complexities of structuring the sculpture and the unbending rules of the glazing process. With ceramics so much can go wrong, that sometimes it's a surprise when an idea actually works! I have noticed the greater the impending disaster, the better the outcome."

Shown above the jump from left to right

1 Miniature Cloud Factory, $25.00 from PearsonMaron
2 Ceramic Fish On Wheels, $25.00 from PearsonMaron
3 The Direction Of Happiness, $35.00 from PearsonMaron
4 Abominable Snowman Magnet, $10.00 from PearsonMaron

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