On Found Objects: Artist Dolan Geiman

On Found Objects: Artist Dolan Geiman

Who: Artist Dolan Geiman
Redefine: "Found"

Found. The term itself sounds pedestrian and simple. He found a rock on the way to school. She found her lost cat. They found a new ice cream shop down the street. But for someone like me, an artist practicing the art of rural exploration and reinterpretation, the term elicits something completely adventurous, something fantastic and foreign, like casting a new light into an old cave.

Dolan's definition takes us on an adventure. I can imagine seeing a piece of his work in person and experiencing that moment or spark of delight when you ask what or where a certain part is from...

Dolan says:

When I venture down the road on the prowl for new materials, my first stop isn't the flea market. It's not the junk shop or the thrift store. It's not the pile of rubble left on the curb. The places I seek my materials are truly off the beaten path, and then some. I park my van and hike off the road through briar paths and corn fields and find the dilapidated skeleton of an 1890's farm house, its porch resting against the fragile backbone of a dead peach tree, covered by a shawl of poison ivy. This is where all great objects go to die, and then be born again as found objects. I rescue my materials from the rotting innards of these abandoned structures, picking up rusting lard cans and moldy globes and dusting off family bibles and milk-glass vases. I'm not interested in the here and now, but the then and gone.

Shown above the jump from left to right

1 Rescued Wood Constructions, from Dolan Geiman
2 White Whale Art Collection #22, $1,500.00 from Dolan Geiman
3 Couple Art Set, $900.00 from Dolan Geiman
4 Oriole Bird Giclee Art Print, $55.00 from Dolan Geiman

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(Images, Dolan Geiman - as linked)

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