On Having A Bedroom Without Any Walls

On Having A Bedroom Without Any Walls

Sarah Rae Smith
Jan 7, 2010

Having an open loft space is as awesome as you think it is, but the lack of walls and privacy can be a turn off to some. After previously living in a space where the only walls in our space surrounded the bathroom (which we were quite thankful for), we have to say privacy and walls really aren't all they're cracked up to be.

Now before I start, I have to say upfront, that it was in fact, just the 4 of us who lived in the space. That is, my husband and I and our two dogs. We don't have kids, we didn't have roommates and so the lack of walls in our space really wasn't a problem!

You can see more of our open floor plan loft back in this post -- it was really just a giant square with a few supporting posts here and there.

When we first arrived, we had these grand plans to make short walls, curtain walls, retractable walls and then we realized, it had been 5 months and we didn't care anymore. All of the times you might need a door, we had found other ways around.

If I had to work early, my husband had wireless headphones to stay up playing video games or watching Netflix and Roku-- thus one person staying up later than the other was never a problem or distraction. If we felt like laying down or were under the weather, we simply asked company to leave earlier if they happened to be over.

Sure you might get dressed in your bedroom, especially when company is over (say you've been cooking all afternoon and need to change into something that isn't covered in flour). We simply changed in the bathroom and all was well.

So in the end, walls were truly overrated and without them our bedroom could enjoy a ridiculous amount of natural light and fresh air, just like the rest of our space. It never felt unhealthy or boxed in, we didn't feel cooped up or separated from everything else and best of all, we could have breakfast in bed, while watching tv (which was in the living room). That is, when our dogs let us sleep in.

Have you ever had a bedroom space without walls? What was your experience? Share in the comments below!

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