On Helping Family & Friends Understand Your Small Space

On Helping Family & Friends Understand Your Small Space

Sarah Rae Smith
Apr 13, 2011

Over this past Christmas holiday my cousin was home from LA visiting our family in the Midwest. Around here, small spaces aren't always a badge of honor since the cost of living is cheap and apartments aren't exactly difficult to come by. But when she returned home and announced that she was living in a closet (literally) and actually loving it — everyone became concerned.

When you live in a heavily populated metropolitan area it's easier to find understanding and acceptance for small space living habits. For those who aren't used to such realities, it can become difficult to talk about your lifestyle with friends and family members who — although may support you — don't enjoy the same style of living.

In the case of my cousin, everyone kept giving her this sympathetic nod and telling her that it's OK, she'll find somewhere bigger soon and some day she'll have her own house — because that's what you do in the Midwest, you grow up and buy a house. Surely she'll find a space larger than a closet (but you can't beat her insanely low rent price), but for now her living situation suits her lifestyle perfectly. It might feel extra cozy at times but she's not complaining. This space allows her to live where she wants at a price she can afford and work in the field of her choice. Her small space isn't a housing stepping stone in her mind, it's a lifestyle choice.

Do you have difficulties with your family or friends understanding why you love a small space so much? How did you help them come to terms with your new square footage? Are you uncomfortable when you visit friends whose living quarters are tiny? Share your thoughts and advice in the comments below!

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