On Keeping Little Ones Happy When Parents Have The Plague

On Keeping Little Ones Happy When Parents Have The Plague

Sarah Rae Smith
Jan 27, 2011

I've had a serious cold over the last several days and despite my best attempts to stay well-hydrated, medicated and rested, it still seems to be getting the best of me. I'm lucky since all I have to take care of during the day is my dogs (remember I'm the kid-less contributor), and although they hate me, the thought occurred to me, what on earth do parents with children at home do?

Over the last 72 hours, I've slept 60 of them. I have been awake long enough to double check that I'm still unable to keep solid foods down and topple down the stairs a few times, but other than that I've literally lived in bed and been half alert in and out of a coma studded with insane coughing.

My dogs loathe and detest me as they usually go for several walks a day totaling several miles in length. No matter how many toys I feebly tossed in their direction, they just aren't burning enough energy. I feel bad for them, but all I've been able to think of is, how would I do this if I had kids? They don't just go curl up in the corner of the sofa and look at you with sad eyes like the dogs?

So I'm declaring this the spot for parents to share their brilliant ideas of how they keep their tiny tots out of trouble and relatively contained when they can't keep their eyes open or lunch down? With new waves of viral diseases hitting many close friends and family members it might be time for a brush up on ideas as — knock on wood, it could be hitting your house next!

Share your ideas and thoughts below and help arm other parents with creative ways to keep kids entertained and out of your hair while you're feeling so down and out you can't even get out of bed? Do you DVD them to death? Send them to a friend's? Sound off in the comments!

(Image: Flickr member mollypop licensed for use by Creative Commons)

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