On Photographing Children Without Their Parents

On Photographing Children Without Their Parents

Sarah Rae Smith
Aug 11, 2010

Anna Brooks and Samantha Harvey asked a local school principal if they could come in and take a few photos of the children for a class project. The principal agreed, but said only if it was recording the back of their heads. Now we understand the need for privacy and commend the duo on taking some amazing photos with so little to work with, but we're curious where do you stand on photography in school and public places without parental consent?

The idea of taking pictures of children has become an ew strictly prohibited thing in the school systems. Having worked in several, I can attest to the rules that are in place. I can also attest to the creepos that we'd often find hanging outside the school yard, so I'm a bit torn on the issue of taking pictures of children when their parents aren't around.

Do we blame the internet for the idea that taking a photo of a child could have alternative means other than noting what happened with a certain group of people on a certain day? Do we now instantly think that if someone takes a picture of our little one that it will end up in the hands of someone we don't want it to? Do we think that it will be published all over the internet and the lives of our children will no longer be their own and will belong to the world? Do you mind if someone takes your child's photo in public? A park, the mall, a playground, what are your feelings towards the photographer? Do you feel violated or excited that you have a beautiful child?

With so many parents becoming home photographers these days with the advent of digital media, it's easy to just want to take a fabulous photo (which Anna Brooks and Samantha Harvey did above, just look how great those are!) but do you think about the personal space of others?

Share your thoughts on photography in schools and public places in the comments below!

via: @freerangekids

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