Don't Ever Want to Vacuum Again? It Might Be Time for a Robot Vacuum

Don't Ever Want to Vacuum Again? It Might Be Time for a Robot Vacuum

Caroline Biggs
Sep 28, 2017
(Image credit: Amazon)

We've all been there. You're finally home from work, to a messy apartment no less, just in time to remember your friends are on their way over to hang. Your kitchen is full of crumbs you didn't get to sweep up last night because you fell asleep during the 8th episode of "Game of Thrones" you were re-bingeing, and your living room rug has seen better (and cleaner) days. You have no choice but to run and grab your clunky, heavy af vacuum and get to work ASAP. Or do you? Well, there's hope to be had! Enter the robot vacuum, which does all the back-breaking work of vacuuming up all signs of life at the push of a button…no housekeeper (or panicking!) necessary.

Samsung's Powerbot R7010 Robot Vacuum is on sale via Amazon through October 15. According to our Honey browser plug-in (which tracks price changes over time so you can deduce if you're getting a decent deal or not), the R7010 was $375 this time last month, making its current price about $175 cheaper than its normal discounted price on Amazon (and nearly half off the suggested retail price).

Not only does this compact sweeper offer 20 times the suction power of a standard vacuum, it's completely self-sufficient (and has a 60-minute run time). Thanks to its internal sensor, this clever housekeeper maps out its very own cleaning path based on the layout of your home and more importantly, along the corners and edges of your walls (where dirt and dust tend to accumulate). Just turn this bad boy on and let it rip…no attention required!

Some of the R7010's more feature-rich siblings may work via Wi-Fi with Amazon Alexa and have the ability to be scheduled (this one has a manual setting, so you can't have it automatically start cleaning your floors at noon on Wednesdays while you're at work), but if you're looking for a budget-friendly robot vacuum and are willing to do a little more work yourself (i.e., pressing some buttons), it's worth a consideration.

While the customer reviews of this wheeled wonder are generally positive, it's worth pointing out that this particular model is lacking in some attractive robot vacuum qualities. For instance, as user Bob points out, "This R7010 model doesn't have the 'Self Clean Brush', which helps grind up pet hair."

Additionally, as user Preston explains, the battery life on this little guy isn't the greatest. "My condo is 900 square feet, with only the bedrooms having carpet, but it has not cleaned the whole place without recharging twice. It seems to clean well and follow good lines when it is operating though."

However, considering similar styles of robot vacuums can run upwards of $600, this powerful self-cleaner may be worth dealing with some minor flaws for the affordable price tag. As one reviewer, C.Shaw, notes: "I've had this thing for almost two weeks now. It gets run overnight and sometimes during the day if we've been in and out a lot or after the beach (many times a week.) We've got a toddler and three dogs, so the floors get grimy fast even with taking our shoes off at the door. I think some reviewers have too high of expectations, it's far from a perfect gadget, but it has made my life SO much easier already. Not having to lug the vacuum out, and spend my precious time doing it is amazing. My floors look great, they feel great and all I have to do it push a button and dump out the crud. It does miss some areas, bangs into things about 40% of the time, has left black marks on my baseboards, and is finicky about some rugs. If I had some guests coming over I would pull the vacuum out and get some of the random corners it sometimes misses, but it actually does a fabulous job picking up dog hair, dust and toddler detritus. It gets up against the baseboards and into most corners. I'm docking one star for the absolutely worthless manual. Really, it's garbage. It's written mostly for the more expensive models, doesn't help much with this one. Bottom line, I am SO happy with this purchase. It is a HUGE time and energy saver."

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