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(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

matt: This contest is a total farce. So far I have seen TWO entries that dont look like they were decorated by a bored teen-aged girl on her summer break. Perhaps Pee Wee should enter this contest… actually… Pee Wee sould be winning right now. And thats just sad.

Why do people confuse lack of regard to style and balance with CREATIVITY! These rooms are those of the kid who wins the art show in junior high with his SPLATTER PAINTING. So far, most of the rooms have been completely disjointed and random collections of knick-knacks. Its like Fred Sanford on LSD…

elise: Wow, rude much? Matt, I’m glad you have such black & white (pun intended), rigid standards of what constitutes “good” design.
I am so glad that the rest of us junior high schoolers have someone so dedicated to educating us about good taste…

jon b.: matt,

I trust that when your entry makes its debut, it will easily take first place, so why complain?

And what’s wrong with Fred Sanford on LSD?

anonymous: Hey Matt,
Just out of curiousity, which two entries met your exacting standards?